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Empowering Lives from Within:

Transforming with a Fusion of Sound Baths, Crystals, Yoga, Nutrition, Quantum and Prana

Gut, Mind or Self Mastery Coaching 

Traditionally the Ancient lineages were built on the power of three!

When a seed is planted there has to be an opening and sometimes this begins in our physical bodies because nature becomes alive in us.  The second condition is chaos because the mind likes to hold onto old beliefs.  Thirdly is for mastery where flowers bloom and crops come to harvest. 


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As human beings we can fluctuate through different states depending on our temporary situation.  From very early on our conditioning is so deeply engraved that we create unhealthy attachments. 


ORA is all about your digestion imbalances, thyroid or decreased immunity where you discover how Ayurveda the ancient science of life time immemorial realigns diet and lifestyle with Quantum healing to bring you greater physical and mental wellbeing.  

RASA is all about the flavours of the mind. Negative thoughts can be on loop and your  emotional states get trapped in body and your mind is operating from low vibrational states of compulsion. Anxiety, depression, stress, fear have taken over all your personal experiences. Together we take a transformative journey of self discovery ​to finally end the separation between your HigherSelf and your unconscious mind. 

OJAS is a complete path of harmony in which you unlock your complete potential through the flower of life a modality which works with sacred geometry and will  help you bloom into your power and have you sit back in your physical, emotional and energetic depths of creative power nourished and upheld by your most Divine Feminine forces. 



Please click on a customised healing Ora, Rasa or OJas icon~ each product is designed and combines Ancient Ayurveda tools with Quantum healing practices ~ Coaching Price is 1440.00GBP ~ 

 full terms and conditions are sent on consultation. 


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