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As an Empath, Intuitive Creatrix I help you raise your vibration so you are in complete harmony with your body and your environment. As your vibratory field moves into a wider sphere of influence you elevate the Nu Earth Consciousness. The more individuals journey to higher vibratory states, the more we influence the entire trajectory of the Earth Matrix. 

Ayulite Healings

There are a number of ways to take the next step!
Book now for your FREE consult or take a look at the CUSTOMISED healings for conscious nourishment 

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As human beings we can fluctuate through different states depending on our temporary situation.  From very early on our conditioning is so deeply engraved that we create unhealthy attachments. 


ORA is all about your digestion imbalances, thyroid or decreased immunity where you discover how Ayurveda the ancient science of life time immemorial aligns Diet and Lifestyle to bring you greater physical and mental wellbeing.  

RASA is all about the flavours of the mind. Negative emotional states get trapped in body and mind and you are operating from low vibrational states of compulsion. Anxiety, depression, stress, fear have taken over all your personal experiences. Together we take a transformative journey of self discovery ​to finally end the separation between your HigherSelf and your unconscious mind. 

OJAS is an advanced healing modality which will help you soften into your power and have you sit back in your physical, emotional and energetic depths of creative power nourished and upheld by your most Divine Feminine forces. 


Please click on a customised healing Ora, Rasa or OJas (above) or go to the Trainings tab for ready made bundles so you

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