Dancing Creatrix 

         In the wake of Mother Earth as the Divine Feminine source of Creative Sacred power we are granted transformative knowledge that takes us to a higher level of consciousness and into a new era of peace and happiness.
Discover the Creatrix of all Creation dancing and weaving connections and vibrating them through  an existing web of Sacred Sites, Earth Energies, Ley lines, Vortices, Indigenous Cultures, Customs, Cosmology and irreplaceable knowledge and wisdom for humanity.  
A Creatrix has a deep connection to the moon cycles so twice a month join me  live on my radio show Dancing Creatrix or catch the replay where we retrace steps from our collective past so we can know a better future.
                                           Academy for the Soul Radio ~Dancing Creatrix 
Series 1 - Step into the Golden Age - Universal Truth       6 Episodes (request the replay)

Series 2 - Dancing Sacred Sentinels - First Nation Dance  7 Episodes (request the replay) 

Series 3 - Dancing with Soul Family - Celestial to Terrestrial  6 Episodes (request the replay) 

Series 4 - Dance of Dharma - Druvidic Dharmic Awakenings (begins 12/12/22 12.00 PT)
Dance through Gateways of Light

Crystalline Grid 

Earth hangs in a fragile balance as  an entity that has its own vibration. It is interdependent with humans and all life. Ultimately we are harming ourselves and contributing to a more negative net result for our own evolution.
Sacred Stone Sites
Today we visit Sacred Earth Energy places to uplift group and individual consciousness. Our ancestors respected the invisible forces of Sacred places for healing and communion with the Creator. 

The Wholeness of the Allness

The power and strength of a ley line, earth grid or vortex is determined on an intuitive level through our spirit when we understand ourself  aligned to astronomical phenomena. 


At some time in our lives there is a calling within to listen to the heart and consider a life of balance, of compassion and of connection to all life. 


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