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Manomaya Kosha — Steering the Reins

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

As breath is the connecting link between matter and energy on one side it is also the connecting link between consciousness and mind. Breath combines in itself in some mysterious manner the essential qualities of both matter and consciousness and is therefore able to serve as an instrument for their actions and reactions to each other.

The number one skill to master in energy is to make clear that everything in the world is made up vibrational frequencies. Light, sounds, you, me behave just like magnetic forces and like attracts like. If your mind can vibrate at the same frequency that your heart desires you’ll soon find the object of your desire is yours to keep. It is possible to learn how to follow the energy. Following the energy includes being aware of when you can feel an opening in a certain direction versus when it feels like there is something obstructing your way. Leaning to not fight the energy - no matter what and to go with the flow to follow the heart.

Attachment is our biggest block to flow this does not mean simple attachment with material wealth or some particular relationship or a thing. It is everything that is holding you back from being who you actually are - that is an attachment.

On a psychological level if your experiencing an out of balance of reality, insatiable cravings, your depressed, have feelings of heaviness, fear, suppression and lack of self worth, you feel needy, a sense of greed, feelings of isolation, jealousy, abandonment, pride, arrogance then there’s something blocking your flow.

The feelings can come from your memories, your likes and dislikes, your faith, your prejudices, your thoughts, opinions, judgments, your relationships, your concerns, your anxieties, your fears, your love, your anger, your envy, your name, your identity, your family, your wealth, your habits, your talents, your skills, your beliefs, your knowledge, your gods, your friends and relations and a myriad other things are different manifestations of the same attachment that has now become so much part of your consciousness that you are now part of an existence in which you are not what you are and you do not know who you are.

When you overcome this attachment, when you learn not to cling to things, you become free not only from your fears but from everything. You may try to accomplish freedom in bits and pieces, by overcoming one weakness or the other. But these are piecemeal solutions. It is like trying to chip away a huge mountain with a little hammer on your own. The permanent solution comes when you pay attention to all your attachments and deal with them comprehensively through a spiritual solution.

One of the guiding principles I have been taught that works is to hold a clear intention of where you are headed, what experience you are after and where you want to end up, while at the same time (as much as possible) remaining completely unattached to the path (the “how”) of getting there.

The next key step is in trusting that awareness and not letting your ego come in and seduce you into pushing for what you think should be. Trusting your Higher self is the true distinction of when you really learn how to follow the energy and life becomes so much more effortless!

This can be applied in absolutely any area of life.

Recently I had one of my own wonderful examples of trusting the energy and following it even though it didn’t match what I had planned and thought should be. I wanted things to happen the way I planned but no the universe had other plans and better organic ones.

Have you found yourself wondering “why me?”

Emotions are messengers. They let you know what is going on within you and around you. We are conditioned by society to view emotions as good or bad. Conditioning is why we have such negative attitude towards our most powerful emotions such as anger and fear which are vital to our survival.

When it comes to emotions it is better to go with the flow the first important step to self-acceptance, self-awareness and self-transformation. You can effectively do it when you are free from bias, low self-esteem and judgment.

It takes courage in becoming a ‘ warrior of light’ holding the sword of discernment, to challenge the illusions and cut the cords until the negativity dissolves. Energy flows where intention goes and its important to search for a personal truth which itself has the power to transform you to a state of pure bliss and joy.

Much Love Nisha

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