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Vijnanamaya Kosha — Living a life of Balance

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

The whole subject of balance is fascinating and fulfilling on so many levels. Every journey has bought me back to Yogic philosophy that we are complete when we balance the male and female energies within.

When we are fully present and are deeply at home in our bodies and on the earth, we align with our highest calling — to become radiant and magnetic forces of support and blessing to those around us. When we look within, we see that our truest longings are for love, intimacy, creativity and self-expression: We are yearning to make meaningful contributions to the next generations. When we begin to align our lives daily with these attributes; we manifest and experience the true fulfilment of our soul’s purpose.

We all carry the unique responsibility of accessing the feminine energy in order to demonstrate wholeness and reclaim the natural balance of life. Like batteries, a relationship needs both a positive (masculine) and negative (feminine) pole to generate electricity and create attraction. We need to balance in our masculine and our feminine.

Years of academic instituitional training, sports training, kungfu, tai chi lessons of the Yin and Yan, accepting that two whole individuals coming together are much more dynamic than two co-dependent individuals holding on to each other and always living in a state of be-ing. Living, laughing, growing up carrying deep wounds but always in a state of thinking, doing, planning. The idea of ‘becoming’ never crossed my mind, and if it did, my logical mind did not know what it meant.

Embarking on my yoga journey, finding my beloved and raising a family confirmed that working from the heart space with a softer flow allows things to come to you.

Life’s journey is insistent on finding balance, looking at it in nature, polariities, the cohesion of the sun and moon parts of ourselves, the Shiva Shakti energies, the Yin and the Yan so we can experience our true nature. That daily journey is an everyday meditative one, of the truest flow where the universe literally has your back and then unlocks each doorways for you to walk through as a human be-ing to be-coming a whole being.

Its no coincidence that my ascendant is in libra and my expression number is 7. Yoga brings out my warrior instincts of seeking truth. Its no coincidence that my travels of far away places ancient worlds have been to teach me that I must truly understand the ancients and their fundamental principle of opposites. What we practice today has been with us for aeons and will continue until we are transformed. Now is the time to start living in the transformation of love and wholeness.

This job of becoming whole is one in which we must face our weaknesses and consciously work to improve ourselves.The great ancients teach us the Divine Dance of consciousness starts with the female energy experienced within us, regardless of gender. The essence of feminine and yin energy is to create. The essence of masculine and yang energy is the manifestation of that creativity.

We must include all perspectives to gain an understanding of the wholeness and connectedness of life. To do so we must dive fearlessly into the mystery of the pain and suffering that is part of the great feminine initiation into the cycles of creation.

Great Mother embodies the wisdom of forgiveness and turns us to what is hidden in darkness to be reborn in a powerful new way. From this essence comes forth wisdom, beauty, playful energy, spaciousness, ability, creativity, and power.

The Vedic view is that our true being transcends both the mind and body and we must separate ourselves from the mind to live balanced and integrated to experience life as a dynamic whole. We move forward with clear vision, yet we are willing to trust and flow with whatever life brings us. As we become more whole, our need to look outside of ourselves for love falls away. We can experience the sweetness of this union of our inner masculine and inner feminine. From this place we can create more harmonious relationships and more joy and fulfilment in our lives.

Much Love Nisha

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