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Yoga Ora for Children Series

Inspired by the Great Elements 

Resources for childrens yoga

I look at play and learning for children through the world of Nature and Ayurveda. The Great Five elements specifically associated with one of the five senses, with an organ of action, with a colour, a chakra a sacred platonic geometrical shape and sounds.


I write about the main chakras in my book, the asanas that are illustrated  encourage parents to support their children and stay grounded.  Yoga for children and adults is about the physical self, the rational self, the emotional self and the intuitive self. My mission in life is influenced by the Return to Wholeness’ as the elements of the microcosm within the macrocosm and I believe that asana play develops children's imaginations to become creative thinkers and helps them develop empathy and social skills encompassed with the wonderful way nature teaches children to embrace cultural diversity and thrive.

Meet Aditi...

I use resources I’ve created myself to enhance kids learning about the qualities of the Great elements  and I’d love to share them with you. The  resources are age specific. 3-5 years will enjoy the colouring set and the 6 years and above the chapter story book.  I find most adults enjoy both. 


As we tune into our bodies we learn to listen from the inside - out, the aim of yoga is to enhance self-awareness, spatial coordination, promote self-discipline, love, intuition and intellect.  Children who practice yoga learn to tune into their bodies and minds more acutely developing abilities and intelligence with effort, learning, and persistence.

Meet Sruti...

Meet Dhara...

Meet Pitu...

Yoga Ora for Children Products


Childrens activity set.

$30.00 + postage



Colouring book

60 playing cards

12 mini plastic crayons

12 mini colouring pencils


Childrens story book.

$29.95 + postage

Seven stories

Plus extra material!

Fully illustrated

118 pages



Childrens activity set and book pack.

$55.00 + postage

Childrens activity set

Childrens story book

If you are interested to buy these products individually or as a set please contact me for details and availability.


‘This is what people are saying...’

Thank you for creating this amazing resource. My kids and I have been journeying with Yoga Ora at home for a while now, we just love the characters and what they represent.. they really connect with each character because of the uniqueness and also familiarity that the characters bring.


Like Pitu and the sun... Pitu being a dragon... Sruti and water element... and they know she lives in the water. And that sruti loves sensitivity and expressing feelings... it's those simple things that help them learn the deeper meaning of these resources.. and connect with the elements with in themselves.


I'm so happy to have Yoga ora in our lives.. it's bought us a lot of fun and learning.. looking forward to journeying further with Nisha and our yoga ora whanau. Thank you yoga ora whanau.


For the past three weeks my 4year daughter and I have been doing preschooler Yoga with Nisha. It has been wonderful exploring the elements and practicing yoga together. Nisha brings a beautiful energy to our sessions and meets the mums and the little ones where they are at each day. I highly recommend it. Yoga for everyone is fantastic and it's such a gift to share from such a young age.

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