Nisha is a Holisitc Expert &

Certified Embodiment Intuitive, trained in Ayurveda, Yoga, Osteopathy & Human Nutrition. 


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Nisha K Joon with Amanda Hopkins on Academy Discovery Series 27th July 2020 sign up to listen

On this show Nisha talks about preparing the Body Mind and Heart for full participation with New Earth Consciousness. 

Nisha K Joon with Kerri Lake on Living Energy Day June 20th 2020

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On this show Nisha talks about "Rasa and the flavours of life' the important link between our bodies and how they are a motivator for change- what happens when the psyche shapes our physical condition and why it is extremely important for us to process emotions, thoughts and moods in the right way. 


Nisha K Joon &  Radio Kidnappers 2016  talks about Ayurveda Living  Ayurveda Living Series 

26-04-2016     An Introduction  (25mins)    

24-05-2016     Children's Health, with a focus on Yoga  (25mins)


28-06-2016     Changing Children's Mindsets  (25mins)   

02-08-2016     Chair Yoga  (22mins)  

We live in a world where we are constantly surrounded by demands  and perpetual rushing, At some time in our lives there is a calling within, an innate need to listen

to the heart that simply asks us to pause and consider a life of balance, compassion, and connection to all life, in body, mind and soul.  

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