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Pranamaya Koshas — Taming the Wild Horses

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Have you ever found time to put aside anything that “needs” to be done and do what is wanting to be done to just “be” to tune into your breath and listen to your heartbeat?

It is a sacred time when we give to ourselves those moments of time out in the hustle and bustle of our modern world. We can recognize it…

from that longing inside for more.
from that restless feeling in your bones.
from that desire for greater meaning.
from the voice that whispers “I have something more to contribute to the world.
from the senselessness you feel during trivial conversations.

You’ll know it!

What you may not know is exactly what that something is. What is meant to express through you came here with you and will keep showing itself to you until you get the lesson. It is not something you decided or strategized, it is something you discover and embrace.

Time allows for greatness, to rid that smallness of who you have been being and an opportunity to become who you are supposed to be, more refined, more elevated and more expanded so you can use your mind and intellect and drive your chariot purposefully.

Over time that need to “be” transforms into “be-coming” so courage is needed and can take many forms but one thing for sure is it will take you one step closer to your truest self.

There are three thresholds in Ayurveda to the destination it can start at the gross level and moves across to the astral subtle realm and onto the causal blissful realm. Wherever it starts it is one that will challenge you the most, will stretch you to grow into the person you were meant to be. Sometimes it will mean walking away from something, re-committing or leaning in one direction or it may mean a whole new way of life. It might come as a yes or it might come as a no!

You’ve may heard of the term ‘wild horses run free forever’ its the same with our bodies The chariot represents the physical body. The 5 horses each represent one of our senses. The reins symbolize the mind. Our mind is connected to the senses and can drive our senses. The charioteer represents our intellect or buddhi and the passenger is our soul so if we don't take charge of the reins the five wild horses run free forever!

A daily yoga practice includes breath work, as regulated breathing (pranamaya) controls the mind, the body and their modifications -this is the pranamayakosha the sheath that we are working with.

I can confidently say that its not the cognitive knowing that creates transformation in the world but It’s the souls journey in order to find a complete self in the flow of the breath.

From a holistic point of view conscious connected breathing, life force energy, prana, chi, ki, mana, is accumulated which starts to move freely through your body and may even be experienced.

Stored blockages held in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual aspects of you start to loosen and thus work begins on all four levels at the same time. The spectrum of experiences also range from physical sensations to the release of emotions (sadness, anger, joy etc.), realisations of dysfunctional thought patterns and new thought connections and insights, arise. Learning to let go can often be the hardest part of all.

Pranayama practice is my daily groundedness and I can say with passion, conviction and experience that the ancient wisdom of this practice works as soon as the heart and respiratory organs allows breath to enter. However if its not existing at a certain speed or in the proper way problems due ensue.

As conscious breathing individuals you can take charge of your wild horses by changing the mechanics of your breathing. You can learn to go where the prana flows and you can learn to tune into it to give you a life of balance.

Much Love Nisha

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