Nisha is a wholeness therapist qualified Energy Intuitive, trained in Ayurveda, Yoga, Osteopathy & Human Nutrition. 

Nisha is a Certified Intuitive, Yogini, Healer, Author, Counsellor & Transformational Coach. I’m often met with curiosity, questioning, intrigue and a bit of cynicsm when I tell people what I do for a living. I am a Spiritual Scientist so EVERYTHING I do is based on Sacred Scientific Principles.

I love creating, connecting, travelling the world, meeting people, honouring
nature having fun, keeping things simple and staying purposeful in the service
of humanity. My motto in life is ‘I choose to be happy because it is good for
my health’.

After studying a bachelors in Osteoapathy, Postgraduate studies in
Human Nutrition, facilitating Yoga & Integrating Ayurveda. I created
Yogaora and wanted to go deeper to help people find their way back to
health, harmony and happiness.

Five Sense Therapy

A lot of people feel cutoff, rejected, in overwhelm, drained, anxious, confused and disease is showing up in pain and other physical symptoms.

Wellness is a Return journey to Wholeness. It is a life- long journey of healing, a life-long experience of the mind body complex of discovery, a process of awakening and working daily to embody the fullest expression of Love, of Consciousness.


There is a sacredness in letting go of densities that inhibit your fullest expression
of light. I use a number of tools to empower people to live their life to the
fullest - enhancing physical, emotional, intelligent, spiritual, and environmental well-being. I also share lots of free information on my facebook pages, and enjoy connecting daily.


When your truly happy it radiates out to others, to nature, to everything that nourishes you. Every time you make a conscious decision to let the love flow, you heal nature, the planet, the Earth and as you transform you give way for the
sun to illuminate your path. We do live in a difficult complex world and
when we find our way back to one another we heal on so many levels.


Love, Nisha

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