Workshops Sessions and Packages

Energy Alignment and Crystalline Grid  

Releasing Abandonment:
Master and Integrate your Galactic Gaia Body to feel like you Belong

 Body Light & Grid Regeneration Package

Break free from fear and be illuminated with planetary joy

Pranic pathways of transformation and Soul Truth Embodiment
Cell Regeneration Package
Do you have trouble Sleeping?  

Disturbed sleep patterns causing decay and stress in your body 

Conscious Nourishment
The Divine Body

Energy, aura, the brilliance of minerals

GEO Soul
Pathways to Crystalline Sanctuary

Mapping the Celestial Compass

Pathway to the Cosmic Self
Beyond Yoga

Niyamas and Yamas Stepping Stones 

Dynamic Rhythms of Shakti
The Divine Feminine

Working with Forces of Nature

Each program is designed to take you through a deeper understanding of New Earth Crystalline Consciousness,  Energy, Alignment and Ascension. Each package offers tailor made healing sessions, online workshops and personal intuitive readings so you can work at your own pace.  For more information please contact me .