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Science of Crystalline Consciousness  

  Experience the cutting-edge consciousness of Holistic Wellness, Human Earth Connection and Goddess Earth Energy Healing. 

You and I have the ability to explore the interconnectedness existing between all living organisms within the universe. 

  Everyone has free will so we have an amazing ability to help and heal in the process.

Each of these 12 programmes have been designed to take you through a deeper understanding of the Science of your Soul, 

of  Crystalline Consciousness,  of Awakening, Alignment and Ascension and prepare you for the next step of the collective evolution.

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Science of the Elements

Balance the Divine elements of your Nature in the core practices of Ayurvedic transformation, experience the greatest potential of you when you enter the Soul Stargate~Elemental Love

Soul Soveriegnty.png
Science of Sleep:
Cell Regeneration bundle

When disturbed sleep patterns are causing decay and stress in your body, balance your immune system

to generate more aliveness and vitality. Keep yourself protected from toxicity~  Torus Flow 

Science of the Heart

Fill your heart with love until your heart becomes as light as a feather! Match Gaia's Crystalline consciousness and embrace the highest frequencies of equilibrium ~Golden Heart

Golden heart workshop .tiff
Science of F.R.E.E.D.O.M 

Balance the Pranic Highways of your Mind for harmonious thought, brain power and enhanced Soul Truth Embodiment  ~ Nervous System and Nadis

Science of  Self Mastery 

Stepping stones of self mastery and the ancient ways of our connection to Earth Mother.  This complete programme is based on ancient Indigenous wisdom for mastering Earth Mind Body Spirit well-being. This 24 week programme cultivates the true meaning of Asana and Alchemy

Science of Sacred Shakti   

Discover the Transformative Power of the Goddesses of Yoga with various techniques to awaken a highly purifying spiritual practice that enables us to commune with different energies ~ Shakti. 

Science of Earth Energies

In this 12 week programme discover how to take responsibility for creating a brave new world ~

better understand why we are the ones we have been waiting for in this cycle of Earth's history and how we can bring a state of harmony that works for all ~ Interconnected Universe

Science of Inner Evolution 

In these weekly online classes discover the practice for cultivating energy  within and through the central energy channel, and the brain to achieve a connection with the all-pervading power for a life of calm and wonder~ Golden Lotus

Science of the Star Walkers
Our ancestors knowledge of unique places and resonance gently laid a trail  for us to walk in footsteps
which amplified the laws of nature. Discover living codes, sacred geometry and magnetism for healing, transformation and greater crystalline consciouness ~Waitaha Trails 
Golden Lotus.png
Science of the Soul Star  
Explore the Sacred Science and symbology of the Soul's growth. Each part of this series runs 12 weeks.    
Part 1 The Soul Star Gate ~ Matter Creatrix
Part 2 The Soul Star Compass ~Soul Navigation  
Part 3 The Soul Star Sanctuary - Crystalline Matrix 
vesica pisces star gate part 1.png
part 2 star scompass eries.png

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