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Chakras — Our Centres for Transformation to Truth

A chakra is an energy structure, a whirling vortex of energy that acts a bit like a spiral pulling energy through the body’s central vertical electrical current aligned with the spine. Whilst the spine curves, the main energy feeder line of light and energy coming into the body’s energy system’s energy line is straight. In our human body we tend to work with seven main chakras but there are many many more.

Chakras are also known psychic centers in the subtle body, active, to some degree at all times. Also referred to as a store house of our Karma and a ‘playground for the elements’. (Johari H)

Each of us responds to situations in a personal way and perhaps without knowing it from the stand point of the Chakra that feels most comfortable.

These chakras are essentially energy centers that keep us well and balanced on the physical, mental and emotional plane. The 7 chakras run along the spine right up to the crown of the head and are in charge of specific functions in our physical and auric fields.

We mirror the Earth in many ways, just as our Earth Mother and her Ley Lines (lines of energy that coil around the Earth in a similar fashion as a strand of DNA) are believed to carry high-vibrational energetic information around her sacred sites. Certain places are known as vortices of the earth where the corresponding Ley Lines intersect as high points of energy with high concentrations of electrical charge. This is the same in our body’s voritces known as chakras.

The main 7 chakras of our body we work with in yoga have very high energy, and each of us experience these energetic frequencies differently. Some people are more sensitive than others.

Have you ever wondered why you get called to a sacred site in a part of the world? Sacred places of the earth are places that tend to magnify the energy or beliefs when we are out of balance. Knowing whether the effects of visiting a sacred place is immediate or later is not what matters. It is that we have come back into balance or more aligned with our true self from the visit. That journey and it’s integration can be challenging and confronting, but also euphoric and enlightening.

So it is with our Chakras, the vortexes of our human body the places of high energy and transformation. Intense points that can amplify any emotions we may be experiencing and then also balance us to bring us in alignment with our true nature.

In Yoga we consider our body sacred, the location of our Kundalini energy, formed by three large Ley Lines the IDA and Pingala and Sushumna which intersect like a coil of DNA and have the greatest power and energy. This center the Sushumna is thought to purify our blood, our Earth body, and when we use certain cleansing protocols we do so to rejuvenate our own soul, mind and body. These Purification processes where the energy of our body gets cleaned are the ABC of yoga - the Asana, the Breath and the Chakras.

Over many eons man has been cut off from the energy required to maintain the body in a state of perfect health and perfection. Now as the energy waves coming into the earth are reviving us and giving us an opportunity to restore our axiatonal lines to undergo a renewed electrification we have the potential for co creative renewal. Our nadis, channels and leys pass through our entire circuitry system to purify each element within. When we clear the energy of our inner earth and all the debris held in the mulhadara chakra, then the energy of the water element- our emotional nature our svdisthana can be crystaline, our sacred fire energy, our Manipura can light up until the breath that aids our entire purification process the Anahata has us live our soul work.

We have all we need inside of us for the transformation, to be the place of purification and the place that elevates our frequency. Once our body captures and takes us through a process of releasing the old and ushering in the new. We become our True nature, balanced and aligned with our soul, amplifying our true emotions and experiences. and living our deepest truth. The journey of yoga takes us to our truest nature and returns us to a wholeness, an energy of the heart, an energy of our Spirit.

As human beings, we are designed to constantly evolve you can see the word LOVE spelt backward in it. When we avoid transition out of fear or discomfort, we stagnate and can tend to feel out of balance or out of alignment. When we move into the heart into love we welcome and embrace change which is amazingly liberating and allows us to keep stepping into the next best version of ourselves with ease and grace.

We are awake to living consciously, within a process that requires a dynamic and permanent change, to surrender and to accept mutation.

At the Shadow frequency, mutation has always been something that is greatly feared it always challenges the established patterns, rhythms or routines. Now that periods of natural upheaval are embraced and fully accepted, our life, our transformation can occur. Transformation involves a complete shift from one state or plane to another. After which nothing is ever the same again. It occurs at the deepest cellular patterning through awareness. These periods of intense mutation are a gift. We can accept, embrace and take responsibility for our own state, and understand our patterning. The ‘Truth will always set us free’it comes with great clarity, freedom and creativity when we use the energy systems of our bodies and ourchakras to free our geniuses and emerge into the world enlightened.

Much Love Nisha

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